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Highlight Concert 2023

 28 Aug 2023 | Upcoming Events
Highlight Concert 2023

Since 2013, Ivan Yohan has been trusted to be the music director and principal conductor of PSM UNPAR and has led UNPAR Choir to win various international choir competitions. To celebrate one year of togetherness of PSM UNPAR and Ivan Yohan, UNPAR Choir will sing songs that have been performed in a number of international choir competitions that have been participated in since 2013. By looking at the journey of PSM UNPAR over the past decade, we would like to present again these works. a piece of music that witnesses the achievements of PSM UNPAR which have been made on the international stage for the last 10 years under the tutelage of Ivan Yohan.
Together with Ivan Yohan as the Conductor, this concert will present a very interesting and quality show. This show will be a place for music lovers in Indonesia to develop their appreciation of the art of music.
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